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Tips on Switching to e-cigarettes

Are you a smoker who’s finding it hard to give up? It’s easier than you think to make that switch to e-cigarettes on your journey to quitting smoking altogether. Here are some tips on how to switch from smoking to vaping:

1. Choose a design which works for you. If design is of no importance to you, great, but if what you love about smoking is the look and feel of holding a cigarette, you won’t be disappointed by e-cigarettes. Manufacturers know how important it is to design products which will be enjoyable to feel and hold as well as having aesthetic appeal. As well as the more common pen-type design you can also buy "cigalike" products such as Nicocig which look and feel like cigarettes.


2. Experiment with Flavour. The next step is to be prepared to experiment with flavours. The exciting thing about e-cigarettes is that there is a whole world of variety out there and lots more flavours coming onto the market. As long as you go for reputable manufacturers you can have a lot of fun trying out what works for you. There are some great deals out there, like this one from Vapouriz. From Classic Tobacco to Cherry Bakewell there’s bound to be something to suit everyone’s tastes.


3. Don’t be Daunted. If all the talk about cartomisers, sub Ohm, mod kits and tanks is making you run a mile don’t panic! You can easily get going with a starter kit. An electronic starter kit typically is supplied with a battery and all parts required to assemble your new e-cig so you can get vaping straight away. They are a great choice if all the vape lingo is putting you off or if you want to spend the minumum amount to see if e-cigarettes are right for you.

4. Give Yourself Time. Don’t be too impatient when you decide to make the switch, e-cigarettes are going to feel and taste different from what you’re used to. Make sure you’re committed to giving it a month at least to adjust from one to the other. Be determined to give e-cigarettes a proper go, especially if you were a seasoned smoker.  

5. Remind Yourself Why You’ve Switched. E-cigarettes contain nicotine but not many of the harmful substances produced by smoking tobacco, such as tar or carbon monoxide and vaping is now widely endorsed by health professionals. If you’re starting to worry about the long term effects of smoking it’s worth reminding yourself why you’re making the switch as you go through your transition period. Read a recent NHS report on why long-term vaping is far safer than smoking here.

By choosing e-cigarettes you are not only making the switch to a choice which is load better for your health, it’s also an option which gives you a lot of versatility and choice. Good luck with your switch from all the team here at E-Cigs Direct.

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