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Top Tips for Travelling when Vaping

Going on holiday soon but don’t know the rules of vaping abroad or getting through the airport with your vape kit? Here are some top tips on how to get take your vape kit through the airport and when to use it abroad.

Hand or Hold Luggage?

As we all know, different airlines have different rules for things. However, most airlines will allow you to pack your e-cig in your hand luggage but it would be a good idea to double check before you fly with your airline. 

Another issue you might come across with putting your e-cig in your hand luggage is to make sure your e-liquids are not larger than the 100ml limit which is the same rule across all airlines. Note that you shouldn’t charge your e-cig whilst flying. 

Be aware that e-cigs and vape pens are not permitted in hold luggage due to the fire risk.

E-cigs At The Airport

Using e-cigs in airports is banned across the whole of the UK. If you need to get your fix before you fly you will need to go outside to the designated areas outside the building.

Using Your E-cig Whilst Abroad

Even though e-cigs are used across the whole of the UK and vaping is very mainstream, not everywhere in the world has the same rules and opinion on them. So to avoid getting yourself into trouble whilst you’re away, make sure you have done your research on their rules on e-cigs.

Europe is mostly pretty relaxed about vaping just like the UK, excluding a couple of exceptions. However, if your destination is outside of Europe it is even more important to do your research. Below is a list of some of the countries which fall under that category.

Countries where vaping is restricted

- Australia

- Canada

- Hong Kong

- India

- Norway

- Japan

Countries where vaping is banned

- Argentina

- Brazil

- Cambodia

- Egypt

- Indonesia

- Jordan

Buy e-liquid before you travel

Make sure you buy enough e-liquid for your holiday! Depending on where you go abroad you may not be able to purchase e-liquid so make sure you have enough to last your holiday just in case. Also, not all countries have the same rigorous rules as we do in the UK, so to be certain you’re getting a high-quality product, it might be better to buy it from a reputable producer before you go.

Don’t rely on our advice - make sure you check with your end destination, airport and airline for their most up to date information and guidance on vaping and carrying e-cigs equipment before you travel. Don’t forget to check for airport rules at your destination airport as well – you don’t want your kit confiscated upon arrival!

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