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Top Tips on Ecigarette Battery Care

A big, and obvious difference, between vaping and smoking is that your vape kit relies on batteries to keep it working. In order to keep your vape kit working and avoid the dreaded kit malfunction whilst out and about, follow these tips on battery care.

1) Keep Your Vape KitDry

Batteries don’t like water, so keep your kit away from damp places. If you’re off on a camping trip make sure your vape kit stays in the tent with you at night and not out in the rain! You can also experience battery problems if your vape kit experiences extremes of temperature, so when you’re not using your kit keep your vape batteries out of direct sunlight and don’t let them get too cold.

2) Clean the Contacts

One of the best things you can do to look after your ecigarette batteries is to regularly clean the contacts, ideally every time you put the batteries on to charge. Simply screw up a piece of dry tissue paper or use a cotton wool bud and wipe inside and outside the screw part of the battery where small amounts of eliquid or dirt can build up (don’t use water!). If your batteries stop working, there’s a good chance they just need a good clean.

3) Safe Storage

When you’re not using your batteries, the best way of keeping them in top condition is to keep them in their supplied case. This will stop them getting dirty or damp. If you want to carry a few spare batteries choose a waterproof container or case which offers protection, don’t carry loose batteries in your bag.

4) Charging your Batteries

Overcharging batteries can cause damage, so after you’ve got them on to charge keep an eye on them and take them out when they have finished charging. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on charge times and how to tell when your batteries have finished charging.

5) Preserve Battery Life

One easy way to lengthen the lifetime of your batteries is to turn them off when not in use.Most kits have the option to switch your batteries on and off, so make sure you get into the habit of using this function, both for safety reasons and top reserve the lifetime of your batteries.

We hope you found these tips useful and that they help to give you a longer lasting and better performing vape kit. See our full range of batteries here.

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