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Has Your Vape Juice Expired?


You may have a few flavours  of e liquid stored away that you bought a while ago. Now you’ve found them again at the back of the cupboard and you’re wondering if they’re still ok to vape. Vape e liquid doesn’t usually go bad in the same way that food might expire, most e liquids will usually last for quite a while. This is because e liquid tends to be very shelf stable. Over time, it might change to a darker brown colour, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has expired.

Some e liquid bottles have an expiry date on them and some don’t. Manufacturers actually aren’t required to put an expiry date on bottles which can make it difficult to know how long you can keep them for.

Usually, the ingredients in e liquid will last about 2 years if the juice is properly taken care of. However, there might be times when you have a juice for a while and you’ll wonder if its still ok.

The Taste is Off

One of the telling signs your vape juice has expired is that the flavour can change and taste off, sometimes drastically. If your e liquid starts to taste disgusting or completely different, then it might have just expired. On the other hand, the flavour could also weaken with time as opposed to tasting unpleasant. Different e liquids will have different results when they expire; so if it tastes different than before, chuck it out.

The Vape Juice Will Smell Different

With most e liquids, you can expect them to always smell the same as the flavour. However, with expired vape juice, the smell might be a lot different than before. Sometimes the smell can be off or even just fade. Its always a good idea to compare the smell with the taste. If the smell and flavour are both off, then its definitely expired.

The Vape Juice Is Changing Colours

Although vape juice can sometimes turn a little brown, which is completely harmless and fine to consume, you should always be wary of drastic changes. If the liquid goes exceptionally dark or light and has also changed taste or smell then its no longer suitable to use.

How to Make Your Vape Juice Last Longer

Despite usually having a 2+ year BBE, if you would like to keep your vape juice for as long as possible without it spoiling, there are a few handy hints you can implement to keep your juice fresher for longer. Its important to keep it airtight, and always secure the cap firmly after every use. Its also necessary to keep your liquid in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This will stop the ingredients from separating and spoiling. Apart from that, e liquids relatively have a pretty good shelf life and need minimal fuss. So keep these tips in mind for when you store your e liquids and you will be able to enjoy them for much longer.

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