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Make the Switch to Vaping

quit smokingYou maybe looking to finally quit smoking or looking to move into vaping and getting off the cigarettes. Our guide will help you navigate the sometimes murky waters off vaping with clear, simple advice to get you started.

Moving from smoking into vaping gives you many options but we will cover just couple of them for now.

Traditional Cartomizers

OK CartomisersA traditional cartomiser is one of the easiest to use, as it only has two parts, a cartomizer that's prefilled and a battery. You simple just screw the cartomiser that is a prefilled filter onto the battery and press the button to start vaping.  The look, feel and size is close to a traditional cigarette giving you’re a similar experience whilst being a safer alternative to smoking. It is recommend by the national health service, to help you give up.
blu batteryThe battery will give you approximately half a day to a day’s usage depending on how often you vape. The charging time for an average 180mAh battery is around 2-3 hours for a full charge, so it’s recommend that you buy a couple of batteries so you never run out of charge.
The Cartomizers come in the traditional Tobacco or Menthol flavours and in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.  We recommend for heavy smokers to start on the 18mg so you get the hit that is required, 12mg for the less frequent smokers and 6mg for the occasional smoker.

All of these can be found in our Cartomisers Page or Cartomisers Kits Page.

Pods & Capsule Systems

myblu Pod Starter KitPod or Capsule systems are fairly new vaping kits, they are made for simple use and have no filling or fiddly parts.

You can simply click in your prefilled desired pod into the battery and with certain systems you can vape straight off. The size of the capsule systems tend to be fairly small and easily fit into your pocket so you always have it on you for quick simple use. 
VPOD BatteryThe powerful but small battery on the devices gives a whole day’s vaping without the need to charge the device or carry a spare battery. On top of that you can fully charge them in around 20 mins making it an attractive bit of kit for any new vaper. 
myblu liquid podsThe Pods come in a variety of flavours including fruit, menthol and the traditional tobacco and may give you a better taste compared to others alternatives on the market. Most pods are available in 18mg for the heavy smoker or 9mg which is for medium use smokers looking to start vaping.

All of these can be found in our Pods & Capsule Page or Capsule Starter Kits Page.

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