Are disposables being banned?

Yes, disposables are being banned in England, Scotland and Wales - and other measures could be brought in including flavour bans, plain packaging and the control of display of vaping products. The ban is being brought in to address the concerns of youth vaping due to the influence of flavours. 

When will disposables be banned?

There is no set date yet, but we expect this to be by the end of the year, with a grace period for the industry to sell their remaining stocks.

ElfBar disposables V2 alternatives – ELFA PRO

One of the most popular disposables on the market is the ELFBAR V2, which will be discontinued later this year - but what are the recommend alternatives?

The good news is that there are many alternatives on the market that are good replacements, but the one we would recommend is the ELFA PRO, which is a like for like replacement.  The ELFA PRO uses the same great flavour profiles for the pods whilst at a much better price point. 

ELFA Pro Kit
ELFA Pro – The same great design as the ELFA V2 disposable but in a pod system.

How does the ELFBAR V2 Disposables compare up against the ELFA Pro?

The only real difference between the ELFBAR Disposables and the ELFA PRO is the system, the ELFA PRO uses a pod system which means all you need to do is click the pod into the battery, allow 10 minutes for the coil to prime and you’re ready to go.

There is an initial outlay to buy the kit for £4.99, but it does come with a pod to get you started. As you can see from the table below, the pods work out half the price, meaning there is a good potential saving over a month. With 28+ flavours to choose from there is something for everyone in the ELFA PRO range.


ELFBAR Disposables compared to the ELFA PRO Pod System.

Have any questions about the ELFA Pro?

Drop us an email and one of the team will be more than happy to help you out.