What is the new Logic Vape Device?

New Logic Vape

Logic have recently released their new Logic Vape Device which is the replacement for the discontinued Logic Compact.

Available to buy from eCigs-Direct which includes 10 flavours to choose from, ranging from 6mg to 18mg, there is something for everyone in the new and improved updated line.

How does the new Logic Vape Device work?

Logic Vape, similarly to Logic Compact, is a pod-system vaping device. The convenience and simplicity of a pod device means you will save time in comparison to filling up a device with liquids!

One of the fascinating additions to the new Logic Vape device is the MOOV™ Technology.

MOOV is a modern advancement to a typical vape device – with the ability to control your device with the touch of a finger, providing you haptic feedback about your device, you are always kept informed of the battery life.

Being in-the-know about your battery life means you will not have to worry about your device unexpectedly running out of power, you’re in control!

What Logic Vape Flavours are available?

The eye-catching, modern design of the new Logic Vape pods not only look great, but taste great too! 

From traditional tobacco, to mint and fruity flavours, Logic Vape provides more options than ever.

The ‘Intense’ range is made with nicotine salts – these are designed so that you will receive a hit of nicotine faster than a standard e-Liquid pod, curbing your cravings more efficiently.

The new Logic Vape Pods

Available Flavours and Strengths

Free Base Pods:

  • Berry Mint 6mg & 12mg
  • Classic Tobacco 12mg
  • Mango Mango 12mg
  • Polar Mint 6mg & 12mg
  • Simple Mint 12mg & 18mg
  • Very Cherry 12mg

Nic Salts:

  • Intense Berry Mint 18mg
  • Intense Classic Tobacco 18mg
  • Intense Mango Mango 18mg
  • Intense Polar Mint 18mg
  • Intense Very Cherry 18mg
  • Intense Amber Tobacco 18mg
  • Intense Peppermint 18mg
  • Intense Banoffee 18mg
  • Intense Berry Ripple 18mg

Transitioning from Logic Compact to Logic Vape

Logic Compact was a staple pod system loved by thousands, but with the new arrival of Logic Vape, you won’t have to miss out on that classic Logic taste any longer.

If you’re thinking about trying out Logic Vape, but you’re concerned you’ll be paying a lot more – you don’t have to be! Despite the advanced, modern design and technology of Logic Vape, the prices remain the same.

Logic Vape offers a unique spin in comparison to the average pod device on the market. With the MOOV Technology, you’re more in control of your device than ever before. The strip sensor on the device is a new feature that allows you to lock your device to save battery, and indicates your battery charge level.

For those of you who may still have a Logic Compact Kit or some pods left, and you’re unsure what to do with these, you’re in luck!
The new Logic Vape device is compatible with the discontinued Logic Compact pods – and the same goes for the Logic Compact device working with the new Logic Vape pods. 

Keep in mind that the Intense range will taste more intense (hence the name!), as these contain Nic Salts. If, for example, you were a previous user of Logic Compact Classic Tobacco 18mg, you will post likely find the Logic Vape Intense Classic Tobacco 18mg a bit too strong – you may want to try the 12mg pods instead.

The devices for both the Logic Compact device and the Logic Vape device boasts a 350mAh battery, and both take approximately 60 minutes to reach full charge.

How much does Logic Vape Pods Cost?

Cost-wise, Logic Vape has stayed the same price as Logic Compact! 

For £5.99, you can get yourself a pack of pods in the wide range of flavours. Each pack contains 2 pods, with 1.7ml of liquid.

Here at eCigs-Direct, we offer a unique multi-buy option. Explained in the easy-to-read chart below, you’ll save yourself a bit of money if you buy more than 3 packs of pods from us!

Original price without our multi-buy discount
With our multi-buy discount
3 packs of pods
£17.24 (£5.75 each)
6 packs of pods
£32.98 (£5.49 each)
18 packs of pods
£90.07 (£5 each)

The Logic Vape Device

In your Logic Vape kit, you’ll get your device, a magnetic USB-C charger, and an instruction guide to help you out with some frequently asked questions.

The modernistic approach to the Logic Vape also follows through with the stylish accessories that are available.

For those who are on-the-go and are looking for convenience, the Logic Vape Charging Case is a perfect addition for your device. The case allows you to carry your device with a pod attached, and an extra holder for a spare pod. 

Once your charging case is fully charged, it is capable of fully charging your Logic Vape device up to 3 times – saving you the worry of a dead battery! The LED indicators on the charging case informs you of the battery status.

If you want a handy display to charge up your Logic Vape device, then the Logic Vape Charging Dock is for you! Simply attach your device to the magnetic connection in the charging dock, and it’ll charge up whilst standing up vertically.

If you don’t already have a USB-C Wall adapter, you’ll probably want to purchase one as you’ll need it to charge your Logic Vape device. Luckily, we do have these available on our website to purchase.

How to check the Logic Vape Battery Level?

Charging is very straightforward with the Logic Vape device! If you feel a vibration, and see a red light flashing 3 times, this is an indicator that you need to charge your device.

Make sure to remove the pod before you begin charging the device. Once you’ve connected the magnetic charger to the device, and inserted into a USB-C receiver (e.g. a laptop or a USB-C wall adapter), it’ll take approximately 1 hour to fully charge. Once the device is fully charged, it will be indicated by a white light.

To check the battery level of your Logic Vape device, you can either look at the light indicator on the sensor strip, or you can tap the bottom of the device to your palm twice, and feel for the vibrations.

Battery Level Percentage
Light Indicator
Slow pulse red light
Immediate pulse with a white light
71-99%71-99% Fast pulse with a white light3